Why We Do What We Do: The Brain in Addiction Treatment

With Creek Walker, Ph.D., ABPP | July 30, 2019 12:00PM CDT

In this webinar, learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your addiction treatment plans by utilizing brain-behavior-informed education principles. Brain-behavior research has produced compelling models of the function – and dysfunction – of the addicted brain. Addiction treatment personnel have developed a vast store of wisdom about facilitating recovery in addicted patients. We have also learned that trauma plays a vital role in the development of many addictive disorders and learned about the brain’s trauma response. It is the author’s contention that the education of patients, family and treatment providers links our knowledge of brain-behavior relationships with recovery treatment principles and should pay off in terms of improving compliance in patients, empathy in family members and competence in treatment providers. Learning to integrate trauma awareness and treatment is also vital, and will improve outcomes for all.

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