Our Referral Relationships

At Foundations Recovery Network, we’re in the business of building lifetime relationships for long-term recovery. But each of those relationships begins as a single connection. Before we can grow and help people heal together, it’s our job to help potential referral partners discover who we are and all we have to offer. We make these connections by focusing on the needs of each individual and being intentional about investing in our relationships.

We are built to respond quickly to the unique and changing needs of our referral partners. From navigating insurance coverage with our in-house VOB staff to organizing the patient’s travel arrangements when necessary, our dedicated referral team works to streamline the process and keep the focus on meeting patients where they are. With our nationwide network of resources, we will find the best treatment fit for each patient based on their personal goals and clinical needs.

As we build these relationships with our referral partners, both parties will enjoy the benefits of expedited processes, built-in trust, and a steady reassurance in knowing that each individual will receive the best care for their situation. When you become a partner with us, we are on the same team. So, we’ll keep you involved by maintaining consistent communication and welcoming your input throughout the continuum of care – from building an individualized treatment plan with evidence-based therapies to formulating a discharge plan for taking the next step after treatment. Your patient is also our patient, so we promise to care for them, their family, and their future just as you would.

Making a Positive Impact Together

We’re here to make a difference and our connections play a key role in our ability to make an impact beyond the walls of a treatment facility. Our Heroes in Recovery movement is advocacy in action, celebrating those who have completed treatment and inspiring those in the midst of that journey through local events in communities nationwide. Our webinars and Recovery Unscripted podcast provide valuable content to help you further your professional development and elevate the entire behavioral healthcare community.

We’re not just a treatment provider. Foundations plays a key leadership role in educating the industry on best practices and helping our partners stay at the forefront of new approaches and methods.

Connect With Us

If you want to connect with Foundations and talk about how you or your organization could benefit from a referral relationship, please call us at 615-490-9376. We would love to partner with you for the good of the recovery community.

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