Let’s talk about cost.

If the idea of paying for treatment sounds overwhelming to you, you aren’t alone. How to pay for treatment is one of the questions we get asked most frequently, and we are ready to walk you through the answers. Foundations Recovery Network works hard to ensure that the treatment you receive meets your needs – including affordable options for you and your family.

When you connect with us, our team of admissions coordinators will be ready to answer your questions about covering the cost of treatment and guide you through the process. To gain context for your situation and find out what your specific needs are, our admissions coordinators will gather information through a confidential assessment.

Treatment costs vary because each situation is unique. Factors that influence costs include:

  • Your clinical diagnosis
  • Your recommended length of stay
  • Whether specialized services are required
  • Your insurance coverage or preferred payment options

We’ll help you determine costs based on the information you provide us, so accuracy and openness about your story is important. It’s also important to have your insurance information on hand when you call, that way we can verify your benefits and get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

Let’s talk about insurance.

Your insurance benefits may cover many of your treatment costs. Different aspects of treatment will be covered according to your policy, but it can be a challenge to understand the ins and outs of what your specific policy does cover.

That’s where our specialized team comes in. Once we have the appropriate information, we’ll connect with your provider to determine what they will cover and what you are entitled to based on your policy. We’ll verify your benefits and explain your specific coverage at no cost to you.

The information you’ll need to have ready when we call can be found on your insurance card:

  • Insurance Provider’s Name
  • Insurance Subscriber ID
  • Insurance Group Number
  • Insurance Customer Care Number

We’ll help you find the program that best fits your needs.

We’re going to find the best option for you no matter what. If our treatment program doesn’t meet your needs, we’re going to find you another program trusted by FRN to fit your diagnosis and financial means. Our goal is to get you the help you need when you call, even if a different program is a better fit.


Other ways to pay for treatment

If insurance isn’t an option, or you’d rather use other means to cover treatment, there are a few other options:

If you prefer to cover all treatment costs without the use of insurance, private pay is a viable option if you are comfortable using your own resources.
It’s in an employer’s best interest to help their employees through treatment, though we realize this can be a tricky topic to bring up. Even so, check out your organization’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You may be surprised by what kind of treatment help you can get through your employer.
If insurance can’t cover all of the costs, your friends or family may be willing to help. We realize these relationships may already be delicate as loved ones may feel emotionally or financially exhausted, but some may feel that contributing directly to your recovery is a positive step that they would like to be a part of.

Regaining your life is worth the cost of treatment.

We won’t pretend that the cost of treatment isn’t a challenge. We acknowledge the crucial role it plays in your decision to get the help you need, but we ask that you consider the investment of changing the trajectory of your whole life. Treatment is the foundation of your recovery and regaining your life.

Addiction is a thief of time, relationships and your personal welfare and the longer it goes untreated, more is stolen. Committing to your recovery is invaluable to you and your loved ones. We can help you find options that work for you no matter what. Let us help.

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