Who We Treat

Foundations Recovery Network treats adults over the age of 18, offering specialized residential and outpatient treatment for men, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, young adults, families and licensed professionals. Our thoughtful and caring admissions coordinators will help you find the best program based on your clinical and personal needs. If we don’t have a program that suits your needs within our network of facilities, we will help you find a program that you can trust.

FRN’s integrated treatment model addresses mental health, addiction, substance abuse, and trauma. Using a treatment plan of individual and group therapies, clinical treatments, recreation therapies, and goal setting, adults in treatment can gain the tools necessary to guide their unique path to recovery.
Young adults often experience significant life changes and need age-specific treatment. We meet the therapeutic needs of this age group to help them navigate life. We provide comprehensive treatment for a range of addiction disorders, including alcoholism and substance abuse.
Whether chosen or related, the family is an essential component of a patient’s recovery program. Each FRN facility offers a therapy program for the families of loved-ones. Therapy provides an environment where families can feel safe discussing what they’ve been through with our highly-trained counselors. Services may include individual sessions, workshops, education on the disease of addiction and opportunities to address questions and concerns.

It can be a challenge for licensed professionals to find treatment for their substance abuse problem. Licensure requirements alongside finding your recovery path can feel complicated and overwhelming. Specialized programs like those at Talbott Recovery Campuses offer pilots, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and other licensed professionals the opportunity to get safe and confidential treatment and assistance in getting back to work.

The goal of our LGBTQ+ programs is to provide a safe place to address both the external and internalized oppression that can often present barriers to an LGBTQ+ individual’s recovery from addiction and mental health issues. Our LGBTQ+ groups, educational sessions, trauma resolution, and therapy can help you gain the tools you need to live a full life in recovery.

What We Treat

Every FRN treatment center is equipped to address co-occurring addiction and mental health disorder, as well as provide in-depth assessments. Most residential treatment centers provide detox and stabilization programs to treat mental health and addiction issues. Each facility has a combined staff of psychiatric and addiction therapists, who are trained in co-occurring disorders treatment. Our professionals work closely to ensure you’ll receive balanced and effective treatment.

Common Mental Health Disorders We Treat

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Common Addictions We Treat

  • Alcoholism
  • Prescription opioids
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine

How We Treat

Residential and outpatient treatment both have the same goal of recovery. Our residential treatment centers allow our patients to receive more intense clinical and therapeutic treatment by staying in our facilities and focusing solely on their recovery. Outpatient treatment is best suited for patients ready to step down from residential care, but may also be used as an entry point to treatment depending on the patient’s needs. Medically supervised detox and partial hospitalization programs are also available at some of our facilities.

Residential Offerings

  • On-site detox and stabilization
  • Housing and meals
  • Communication, socialization and anger management groups
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Holistic treatment options
  • Family therapy, including educational healing programs
  • Experiential therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning

Outpatient Offerings

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Communication, socialization and anger management groups
  • Yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy
  • Stress management
  • Family Therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Case management
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy

After Treatment

Creating lifetime relationships for long-term recovery

Finishing treatment with Foundations Recovery Network doesn’t mean the end of our support. In many ways, you’re embarking on a new path. Though you’ve been equipped with new tools and strategies on your journey, you may need guidance as you find your footing along the way. We’re still here to help.

Our Alumni Program

Foundations Recovery Network created our alumni program as a living, connected community of alumni, motivators, and coordinators that exists to support and celebrate those in recovery after treatment. Life can be a challenge for anyone, but now you are also leaning into a new way of life. You don’t have to go on this difficult but rewarding journey alone. Everyone who comes to an FRN facility has lifelong support from us. Alumni coordinators are here to talk through the tough times and celebrate your victories both big and small.

  • Because the first year after treatment is often the hardest, our team stays connected to you and learns about the support you need.
  • We will stay connected as long as you’d like – for a lifetime if needed.

If you’ve been through treatment with us before, we’re still here.

Life isn’t perfect, even after treatment. If you find yourself in a situation that has caused a relapse, don’t give up. We’re still walking alongside you, ready to meet you where you’re at without judgment or pretense. We’re not going anywhere. Call us at 615-490-9376 so we can help.

Accredited, Certified and, Most of All, Trusted


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