LGBT Addiction Treatment: Viewing Recovery Through the Spiritual Lens

With TJ Woodward | January 26, 2017 12:00AM CDT

Statistics show that addiction rates within the LGBT community are substantially higher than that in mainstream population. There are many factors that contribute to this unfortunate reality.

Issues of shame, isolation, and disenfranchisement from family and community are potential driving forces of higher addictive tendencies. Whether it is unresolved trauma, attachment issues, or deep spiritual disconnection, the specific cultural and psychological challenges facing the LGBT community often present barriers to recovery.

In this webinar, TJ explores techniques and practices that will not only address the particular needs of our LGBT patients, but will assist them in breaking free of life-long destructive patterns. TJ also explores effective approaches in creating a safe space for them to go deeper into the core material trapped in their subconscious and empower them to reconnect with their deepest truth.

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