Connect with Elite Motivation: Fuel Healthier Attitudes, Actions & Achievements

With Jamie Cox, M.Ed, AND | September 26, 2017 12:00AM CDT

Too often in therapy, change is defeated by our traditional reliance on IQ. Typically, we emphasize passive IQ knowledge over the more active EQ, or emotional quotient. EQ is the essential factor needed to apply knowledge to change unhealthy reactive patterns. After all, feelings are what drives thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Clients often know what to do, but they just don’t follow through, which is where Elite Motivation comes into play. Elite Motivation is EQ-in-motion, increasing a client’s drive, emotional resilience and choice.

Join this webinar to gain an insightful understanding of how to empower dialogues that motivate active participation. Learn to motivate thinking into visible actions that create behavioral options, resilient emotions and a passion to improve.

Speaker: Jamie Cox, M.Ed, AND
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