Attracting Patients Online in Their Time of Need

With Brian Q. Davis – Senior Vice President of Healthcare | May 26, 2017 12:00AM CDT

Google and Scorpion share some of the core best practices for serving patients online right in their moment of need. Learn how your addiction treatment center can be more present on the web so prospective patients can easily find your facility and gain access to timely recovery services. Google and Scorpion provide an overview of the online marketplace for addiction treatment centers. They also explain how executives and leaders in this industry can develop a successful, patient-focused digital strategy and maximize their efficiency.

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Presenting helps you create awareness about current treatment techniques and new approaches, in addition to teaching others how to apply treatment methods to a specific population.

You’ll also gain exposure to a broader audience through a digital platform and receive recognition as an expert in your field. Your presentation benefits everyone involved.

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