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Recovery Unscripted brings you firsthand stories and exclusive insights from the frontlines of the opioid crisis, mental health care and addiction treatment. Powered by Foundations Recovery Network, this podcast’s mission is to share valuable wisdom and powerful stories.


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    Episode #51 | February 14, 2018

    For today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Andrew Finch, one of the country’s foremost authorities on integrating education and recovery support in an academic setting. Currently a professor of counseling at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, he’s also leading the first large-scale research studies on the effectiveness of recovery schools and is co-founder of the Association of Recovery Schools. He sat down with me to discuss why these institutions are uniquely positioned to help alter students’ trajectories for the future and how his experience serving with them has broadened his view of what recovery can mean.

  • Episode #50 | January 31, 2018

    Today, I’m excited to bring you our first viewpoint from the law enforcement side of the opioid crisis. Deputy Samantha Clementi serves with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in South Florida, where she’s made it her mission to build a bridge between the police force and the individuals dealing with addiction and recovery in her district. But with limited regulatory support and new, counterfeit sober homes popping up without warning, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. She sat down with me at the Moments of Change conference to share how she works together with the state attorney’s office, code enforcement, trustworthy treatment providers and her community at large to protect her neighborhood and make sure that real recovery is available to everyone.

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    Episode #49 | January 24, 2018

    For today’s show, I welcome two guests who can give us an inside look at the role outpatient treatment plays in the overall recovery journey. Alex Dorsey leads the admissions team for Foundations’ 13 outpatient facilities nationwide and Ashley Buchanan serves as a patient care coordinator for Georgia treatment program Black Bear Lodge. They joined me to share how they approach helping people safely and effectively step down from residential treatment to outpatient to aftercare to a sustainable life in recovery.

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    Episode #48 | January 16, 2018

    Today, we hear from Dr. Eboni Webb, an internationally renowned trainer in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In addition to developing two specialized DBT programs for clients with developmental disabilities and borderline-intellectual functioning, she has also opened a private practice offering diverse DBT specializations. She sat down with Foundations Chief Marketing Officer Lee Pepper at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas to discuss the role that mindfulness plays in overall mental health and how therapists can help make DBT more accessible to everyone.

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    Episode #47 | December 20, 2017

    For today’s show, I’m happy to welcome Steven Airhart, CEO of Hartgrove Behavioral Health System in Chicago. He joined me via Skype to share some of the innovative ways they are improving care for patients with trauma and other psychiatric conditions. Specifically, we discuss Hartgrove’s neuropsychiatric center and how they use quantitative EEG testing to get an objective, detailed picture of the brain’s activity and tailor the evaluation and treatment to each person’s unique condition.

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    Episode #46 | December 12, 2017

    When he saw the great need in his community, Scott Silverman founded a non-profit that helps disrupt the cycle of incarceration and poverty by helping people find their own path to self-sufficiency. After devoting two decades of his life to that mission and being named a CNN hero in the process, Scott is now leading a charge to help connect people with addiction treatment through confidential care and sober coaching. He sat down with me at the Innovations in Recovery conference in California to share his own journey to sobriety and explain how he helps bridge the gap between treatment and the community.

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    Episode #45 | December 7, 2017

    For today’s show, I’m excited to bring you a conversation with legendary running back Herschel Walker. After winning the Heisman Trophy at the University of Georgia, Herschel went on to play 12 seasons in the NFL, become a successful entrepreneur, and overcome the challenge of being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. For this episode, he sat down with Foundations Chief Marketing Officer, Lee Pepper, at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas to share his personal story of self-discovery and describe how he hopes to be a voice for others struggling with DID.

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    Episode #44 | November 15, 2017

    Today I’m joined by two special guests who use their unique platforms to bring attention to the both the gravity of the addiction crisis and the profound hope of recovery. My first guest is Caty Davis, the reigning Miss Tennessee. In that role, she has made it her mission to serve as an ambassador for addiction prevention and recovery, sharing her own family’s story of tragedy and hope to educate and empower others across the state. Then I welcome Emily McLeod. Like Caty, Emily is using her platform in the Miss Florida pageant to help break the stigma and start some tough, but necessary, conversations about alcohol and drug abuse. She sat down with me at the Moments of Change conference in Florida to share the turning point in her own story of addiction and explain how she hopes to make the most of the second chance that she’s been given.

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    Episode #43 | November 7, 2017

    Today, I’m joined by Tom Garofola, Chief Marketing Officer of Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers. He sat down with me at the Moments of Change conference in Florida to share his own remarkable journey – from playing in the rock ’n’ roll scene of 1970s New York to training as an addiction counselor in a penitentiary to now leading a team of marketing reps for Retreat. He also examines how the culture within the treatment industry has allowed unethical practices to take root and how the ethical people in this field can rise up and bring treatment back to its core purpose: helping people in need.

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