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Not Your Ordinary Geneogram

Presented by: Louise Stanger, EdD, LCSW, CDWF, CIP, Founder,

This in-depth experiential seminar will teach clinicians and interventionists how to do and use family mapping as a way into story that captures both the resilience and wounds of all. Using the qualitative research method of portraiture as your means of inquiry, participants will learn how to interview and use this evidence-based tool as a roadmap for treatment.

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Treating Co-Occurring Disorders Together Improves Outcomes

Most patients struggling with substance use disorders are also dealing with co-occurring mental health issues. Our decades of research shows that in order to most effectively help individuals overcome their substance abuse issues we have to also address the underlying root causes of their addiction. By combining the ability to clinically treat the co-occurring disorders in the same setting, we can truly prepare individuals for a lifetime in recovery.

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  • Referral team dedicated to simplifying the admissions process
  • In-house VOB team of clinicians to analyze insurance coverage
  • Consistent communication with referral partners throughout the continuum of care
  • Resources to match each individual with the best clinical treatment option for them
  • Individualized treatment plans featuring evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT
  • Many more!

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