Pirates Have Feelings, Too!

Pirates Have Feelings Too Childrens Book Mental HealthPirates Have Feelings, Too! is our first Heroes in Recovery Press publication. It follows a young pirate with a chaotic home life who learns how to express his emotions in a healthy way and with safe individuals. We will never sugarcoat the recovery experience — living clean and sober each day takes a heroic effort, and there are many challenges along the way. Our goal with Pirates Have Feelings, Too! is to open the door to conversations between recovering parents and children while also helping kids to self-validate and process their feelings in a therapeutic way. This book is useful in a variety of situations and circumstances and can be enjoyed by anyone. With fun, imaginative illustrations, a simple message and a unique approach to sensitive issues, this book can be used by parents, relatives, teachers, therapists, counselors, interventionists, clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, treatment providers and any individuals who work with children and families.

It takes a heroic effort to choose to get help for addiction and mental health conditions. It takes a heroic effort to seek help for a friend or a loved one. It takes a heroic effort for the person suffering to decide to accept help. Our mission is to continue to inspire the hero in all of us.

Why Did We Write This Book?

It’s simple: We care about families.

At Foundations Recovery Network, our commitment to patients and their loved ones extends far beyond the treatment experience. Along with our dedication to providing excellent care, we are always looking for ways to provide valuable resources, education, assistance and healing to those who are suffering from addiction and mental health conditions.

We began the Heroes in Recovery movement to help break down the stigma keeping those in need from seeking treatment. But as we continued to look for ways to support people and their families in clean and sober lifestyles, we realized that there was a large gap in the recovery conversation between families and children. We wanted to find a way to help families approach serious issues together, furthering positive communication and breaking down the fear and stigma surrounding addiction and mental health conditions. So we decided to write a book just for children.

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Meet the Authors and Illustrator

Anna Mckenzie Author

Anna McKenzie


Kathyrn Taylor Author

Kathryn Taylor, MA

Mental Health Counselor

Lily Jones Illustrator

Lily Jones


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