Top Reasons Why You Should Attend a Foundations Events Conference

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December 28, 2018

Being a lifelong learner is a valuable goal for any person, especially those in innovative professions. Continuing education in a field of interest or vocation keeps you updated on the latest trends and most pertinent research and helps you stay connected within the industry for personal and professional growth.

Foundations Events is part of the Foundations Recovery Network and has the goal of continuing to equip and connect patrons within the addiction, behavioral and mental health care arenas. Practitioners, clinicians, students, educators and those passionate about this field greatly benefit from the education and camaraderie of a Foundations Events conference.

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Behavioral Health Care Conferences for East Coast and West Coast Attendees

Experts in the field of addiction recovery and behavioral health care, Foundations Events hosts two primary annual conferences. Both highlighting the most current research from dynamic speakers with unparalleled expertise. They are hosted in destination cities — San Diego, California and Palm Beach, Florida — which make the trip something to look forward to for both work and pleasure.

Moments of Change Conference (MOC) – Hosted every fall in Palm Beach, Florida, Moments of Change focuses on behavioral health strategies that create turning points in recovery for patients seeking lasting change. With six different track options at the conference, participants can gain specialized education in fields of interest over the course of just a few days and be able to return to their practices with a sharpened understanding of helping patients make a turn in their recovery for the better.

Innovations in Recovery Conference (IIR) – San Diego, California is home for the spring Foundations Events conference that focuses on up-and-coming treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. The IIR conference focuses on the most current industry trends to keep businesses and practitioners up to date in their fields.

With both conference options, Foundations Events always seeks to provide a luxurious experience from the hotel, the ticketed meals and, of course, the exceptional education.

The Benefits of Attending a Foundations Events Conferences

Conferences can feel like a burden at times. We understand. With travel and lodging, they can be expensive, and they take time away from home, family and patients. However, attending our conference provides an experience that cannot be replicated through online continuing education or even social media networking. The benefits of attending a conference include the following:

  1. Continuing education credits – Many professions require annual continuing education credits to maintain licensure or active status in a field. Although these requirements can be fulfilled in a variety of ways — including online and local education — conferences also provide this professional benefit. Fulfilling CE or CME credits is great motivation to attend a conference that can offer you all the above benefits in addition to professional obligations.2
  2. Interactive learning – Studies show that passive learning, like reading or watching videos online, simply does not produce the same rate of retention as interactive learning. Being in the presence of a speaker and engaging in discussion with peers will allow you to better absorb and implement new information.
  3. Connect with causes – In the field of addiction and behavioral health, many opportunities to become an advocate for those who are underserved and misunderstood are presented. Many also find issues that become important markers in their lives. Foundations Events conferences can get you connected on a personal level with these initiatives and groups and meet others with the same passions.
  4. Unparalleled education – Foundations Events conferences open opportunities to interact with the best of the best in any given field. We search for thought leaders and innovators with cutting-edge research and resources, which allows us to be on the forefront of what is taking place in the industry.1
  5. Networking and camaraderie – One of the biggest benefits of attending our conferences is simply being around like-minded people. Foundations Events conferences draw together people who are passionate about solving issues in the addiction and behavioral health industry. Being surrounded by peers in your field allows you to return to your work invigorated and build your professional network.
  6. Sharpen skills – Engaging in discussion, or even watching a live panel discussion, puts you in the room where thought leaders are discussing the newest research and modalities of treatment. It may challenge you to think beyond your own preferences and consider other ideas. These types of situations allow you to learn about a variety of subjects in a short amount of time from experts in those fields. Although no one can become an expert in an unfamiliar field in one presentation, it offers a great foundational knowledge of many topics very quickly.

Choosing a Conference to Attend

Moments of Change and Innovations in Recovery are wonderful resources for those who work in addiction and behavioral health care. In a pool of many conferences, Foundations Events seeks to host a luxurious experience with top-notch educational opportunities.

Both are hosted at different times of the year, so those who want to attend can choose based on their schedule of availability. Schedules and speakers are often announced ahead of time, so you can decide how you’d like to structure your conference experience.

For more information on Foundations Events and our conferences, check out our website and reach the team for more information about how to get involved.


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