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December 17, 2019

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Demographics, Trends, and Assessment of the LGBTQ+ Population

Presented by Todd Connaughty, MA, LPCC, LADC

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In this session, Todd Connaughty will highlight recent trends and demographics of the LGBTQ+ population seeking treatment. He will also place an additional focus on the LGBTQ+ Affirming Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation (LACPE), as well as a sexual orientation, gender development-specific, development, and culture-informed psychiatric assessment.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the intersections of gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual minority status, as well as how these factors impact LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Examine current trends and demographics of LGBTQ+ individuals seeking treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Identify key components of a comprehensive, culturally specific psychiatric evaluation

Recovery Unscripted Podcast

Each month, FRN’s own podcast, Recovery Unscripted hosted by David Condos publishes several interviews with experts in addiction treatment and mental health care. Here’s this month’s featured episode:

Cultivating an Environment of Innate Listening

As the healthcare industry evolves, how can treatment professionals turn off the noise and really listen – to emerging trends, to their patients and to themselves?

We’ll dive into this with speaker, coach and founder of human connection company BluNovus James Hadlock on this episode of Recovery Unscripted.

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Cultivating an Environment of Innate Listening


Episode #104 | October 2, 2019Listen Now

Meet Lynn Echols, the CEO with the Heart and Experience of a Nurse

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Lynn Echols, CEO of Black Bear Lodge, is a credentialed nurse. That’s not something you hear very often. She is in a unique and valuable position, and her experience often informs her role as CEO.

“Nurses are typically very geared towards multitasking,” Echols notes, “So we’re used to thinking about and doing several things at one time, keeping a lot of things separate, and being able to compartmentalize, to go from one task to the next – all the while thinking about what needs to be happening later. I think that ability and the experience of doing that, has lent to me the expertise of being able to, not only juggle multiple things at one time but also help my staff move into a more global way of thinking.”

To learn more about how global thinking helps Echols and her staff at Black Bear Lodge put the patient first, continue reading below.

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