Why Is It Important to Have a Personalized Treatment Plan?

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April 22, 2014

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Millions of people attend rehab every year. While most of the addictions are similar in their uncontrollable nature, they are different in their effects on the body. For example, an alcohol addiction looks completely different from a cocaine addiction. Additionally, each addict has a unique combination of personal history, co-occurring health conditions and social factors that contribute to drug abuse. When people enter rehab, it is essential that the treatment facility acknowledges each person’s unique struggles with drugs, because recognizing individuality is the first step to ensuring quality treatment for each patient.

Reasons Behind Addictions

People develop addictions for various reasons. Some people are more susceptible to addiction, because they have a family history of substance abuse or addiction. Other people start out as light substance users, and then they gradually work their way toward a heavy addiction. And others become addicted after a single use of a substance. The external factors related to addiction are also unique for every person. Some people struggle with co-occurring disorders that encourage drug abuse, while some people struggle with physical disabilities that drug abuse seems to medicate. Many addicts also endure a negative social environment, which might actively or passively encourage drug abuse.

Principles for Individualized Addiction Treatment

Because so many factors contribute to addiction, it is impossible to create one standard form of addiction treatment. Instead of trying to make one kind of treatment, many rehab centers individualize the care they offer. The National Institute on Drug Abuse details the following principles rehab programs use to customize treatment for each patient:

  • Viewing addiction as a disease that affects the way the brain works
  • Making treatment available to everyone who needs it
  • Offering multiple therapy options
  • Realizing that treatment must be individualized
  • Addressing all aspects of the person, her physical, mental and emotional needs
  • Assessing the treatment plan throughout the rehab process so necessary changes can occur
  • Using medications if and when necessary
  • Treating any co-occurring disorders along with the addiction
  • Offering both voluntary and involuntary treatment for patients, as both types can lead to recovery
  • Monitoring substance use and addressing any relapses that occur
  • Testing for infectious diseases, and referring users to any necessary treatment
  • Using medically supervised detox as the first, but not the only, part of the rehab process

If you seek a treatment center that offers these services, then you are more likely to get and stay clean.

Individualized Therapy Options

One of the best ways for a treatment center to customize treatment is to provide users with varied and individualized therapy sessions. As the Mayo Clinic explains, treatment can include any combination of the following types of treatment:

  • Educational programs that focus on how to stay sober and to prevent relapse
  • Individual counseling: Behavior therapies are common in one-on-one therapy, and they can help people understand addiction as they prepare to deal with the temptation to relapse
  • Family counseling: These sessions often focus on both interpersonal problem solving and on effective communication. These lessons can create safe environments for recovering addicts after they complete rehab.
  • Group therapy: Multiple group therapy options are available, and they offer peer support and encouragement from people who are going through similar recovery processes

In other words, many treatment options can help people recover from drug abuse.

How to Get More Information About Personalized Treatment Plans

Rehab is an important and necessary way for people to recover from addiction. The key to success for every rehab program is individualization, because treatment centers that customize treatment are more likely to address all their patients’ needs. If you struggle with addiction and have been considering rehab, then give us a call at 615-490-9376. Our admissions coordinators would be happy to give you more information about personalized treatment at rehab facilities.

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