Al Updike

Al Updike

l was previously the Director of Outpatient programs for Maple Grove and Chaska clinics with Hazelden Betty Ford and has worked with his former organization for 14 years.

After earning a degree from the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School in 2009 he has worked in various roles, starting as a clinician in residential and outpatient settings before moving into Clinical Supervisor position, then became Program Manager and was most recently the Director of Outpatient Programs for both Maple Grove and Chaska locations.

Al worked with multiple departments to help launch the One counselor model of direct Intensive Outpatient Care, has been a champion for building a Spanish Virtual Intensive Outpatient program (launched in 2023) for the LatinX community, piloted and successfully launched the first PHP program, and championed Twin Cities PRIDE Festival events.

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